Family visit!

My parents and sister made their way over to this side of the pond to visit us! This was my sisters second time to the UK and my parents first.
I was stressed about how to get them all down to our place from the airport and ended up finding a car service that would pick them up from the airport and drive them to our flat for 98 pounds (my American laptop doesn’t have a pound sign!! lulz). They were able to stay in the family accommodations provided by the Royal Navy so they had a two bedroom flat that was within walking distance from us. It definitely needed to be updated, but it was much cheaper than if they had stayed in a hotel and way more convenient!
This was the first time my family got to meet our little one in person as well so it was really exciting. For weeks before their arrival I was stressing myself out about the barrage of parenting advice they were going to dump on us, but if I’m being honest, they didn’t say too much. (insert laughing hysterically emoji here)

Charlie meeting his American grandparents for the first time!

I was also stressing myself out about what my family would do here in Gosport for 5 whole days. Let’s face it, Gosport and the immediate surrounding area is not that exciting. We got really lucky with some great weather while they were here so we were able to have a cookout, went to the Mary Rose museum (something I have been wanting to do for a while!), hit up some pubs, brought them to one of our favourite restaurants, Meat & Barrel, and I introduced my mom and sister to Primark, where lots of cash was dropped.

We took the train up to London to spend a few days there before my family had to fly home. Sean had to work so only went up for the day on Monday. It was our first time taking Charlie to London so I really wanted Sean there. We got really lucky and found a two bedroom flat to rent in Southwark that was about a 5 minute walk to the Borough Underground station. And, I finally understood Oyster cards!!! Yo, it IS way cheaper to use them. Lolloloolollololol!

Charlie experiencing London for the first time!!
Not the best pics, but they’re the only ones Sean took and I forgot to take any pics there!

The time in London went by much quicker than I thought it would. Strollers and the Underground do not get along so well so after lugging it around all day Tuesday with Charlie refusing to sit in it I just gave up on taking it out with us and wore him all day Wednesday in the Ergo and let me tell you something, it is EXHAUSTING walking around with a baby strapped to you all day! You cannot truly enjoy all the joys of parenting until you have traveled with a baby (insert sarcasm here). Nap and bedtime routines were completely thrown off and Charlie came down with a cold so by the end I felt really guilty that I was bringing him around everywhere, but it was really important to spend that time with my family.
My dad really wanted to go to the Sherlock Holmes Museum while in London so I felt that was important to get in. It was alright, but definitely overpriced. The Sherlock Holmes Pub looked really cool and even though it wasn’t the best pub food I’ve had I would definitely go back to drink there again.

On Wednesday my parents had a day to themselves and did an all day tour of London while Amalyn and I thought it would be fun to get dressed up and go to afternoon tea at The Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe. I LOVE afternoon tea so I couldn’t let Amalyn have another trip to the UK without experiencing it. Charlie looked absolutely adorable in his little bow tie and even though he wasn’t feeling very well he did pretty good and gave lots of smiles to all the ladies that came up to him in The Swan to coo at him! Charlie has a diary allergy so I’ve had to give up dairy while breastfeeding so that it doesn’t affect his stomach, but obviously afternoon tea was a cheat. Surprisingly it didn’t affect him as much as I expected it to so I’m hoping he’s starting to grow out of it, but for his sake I got back on the no dairy wagon.

Sister time in London!

It definitely sucked having to say goodbye to my family, but Sean and I are planning on making a trip there soon. We were hoping to go for Christmas, but now it’s looking like it may be Easter 2018. We shall see….
I return to work in May and am trying to make the most of my time I have left at home with Charlie before going back. I have been taking him swimming and he seems to really enjoy it. I have also met a great group of ladies through the breastfeeding support group that my health visitor runs and they have become great friends. I’m also trying to get myself back into running again. After Charlie was born I was so committed to working out, but in mid January lost all motivation. I did the Saint Patrick’s Day 5k in Portsmouth and am signed up for the Saint George’s Day 5k later this month.
We are taking Charlie up to Wales over Easter break to introduce him to Sean’s family and if I’m being honest, I’m not looking forward to the drive. It’s 8 hours without a baby that breastfeeds every two hours so we’ll be making a lot of stops along the way, but it will be great for Sean’s family to finally meet him too. By the end of this year we will have a lot of baby traveling experience under our belts as we also have a trip to Barcelona planned this summer. It seems to be all trial and error so far, but hopefully by the time that trip comes around I’ll know exactly what to pack and what I can leave at home so we aren’t taking the whole house with us!!


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