The life of a breastfeeding mom.


You will question your milk supply.
You will love the way your baby kicks his feet and wriggles his toes while he feeds.
Your baby will have a growth spurt and you will experience cluster feeding; you will question your milk supply.
The first few weeks you will spend a lot of time convincing yourself to “just give it one more week”.
You will learn to watch your partner eat their hot plate of food while you wait patiently for your baby to finish feeding.
The first time you breastfeed side-lying you will feel like you won the lottery because you’ll get to sleep and feed baby at the same time!
You will co-sleep and realize how much happier and well rested everyone is.
You will spend hours online in the middle of the night reading about breastfeeding.
You will question your milk supply.
You will laugh proudly at your attempts to eat food with your non-dominant hand.
You will drop food on your baby. And pick it up and eat it.
You will fall asleep/watch tv/clean/make or eat food with one boob out.
You will choose clothes to wear only to face the harsh realization that it’s not breastfeeding friendly and shove it back into the closet once baby wakes up.
In fact, you will realize that about 95% of your wardrobe is not breastfeeding friendly and will forgo wearing shirts in the house altogether.
You will realize that breast milk stains and becomes rancid quick. Then you will spend a lot of time smelling your baby to make sure he doesn’t stink.
You will think you are too cool for breast pads and then regret not wearing them within 10 minutes. You will also have to change your bra and shirt.
You will spend a lot of time touching your boobs.
You will question your milk supply.
You will become obsessed with what time it is because you’re counting how much time you have before your baby might need to feed again.
You will read about how breastfeeding moms have insatiable hunger and eat snacks all day long only to sadly accept that you are of normal hunger and should not ask for cake for dessert.
You will be more thirsty than you have ever been in your life.
You will shop online at 3am.
You will have to wear two sports bras when working out. They will be covered in milk by the time you finish your workout.
You will get used to smelling your baby’s poop fumes while you wait patiently for him to finish feeding.
You will feel bad when you fart while baby is feeding.
You will feel proud of how much weight your baby has gained all from the liquid that pours from your boobs; you will not question your milk supply.



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