You asked me for an update, so here it is.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, but since everyone now knows I’m pregnant I can finally update you on what’s happening in my life!

Before getting pregnant I had this plan for how I would handle pregnancy, how I was going to maintain a healthy diet and workout routine to prevent excess weight gain and how I would approach all my future pregnancy symptoms so that I could still function as I normally would and show other women that it was possible to do so during pregnancy. Well, that whole plan went to shit in the 5th week of my pregnancy when morning sickness hit me head on like a mac truck speeding down I64. I suffered all day nausea, joint pain, fatigue, migraines, having the nose of a bloodhound, and a whole slew of other symptoms that I wasn’t expecting to experience. There were mornings when I would just break down and cry as I was getting ready for work because all I wanted to do was lie in the fetal position and rock myself back and forth until I could fall back asleep and forget how miserable I was. Coincidentally, this was how I spent the majority of my afternoons and evenings on the couch while Sean did everything he could to make me feel better, never complaining when all I did was cry and sleep on the couch until it was time to move myself to the bed to cry until I fell back asleep there. My new sedentary lifestyle was combined with a new diet of all carbs, as carbs were really the only foods that didn’t make my face contort with a look of disgust and make me want to dry heave.

For many of my friends and even family you may not realize this is actually my third pregnancy, having lost the first two babies to miscarriage. Both miscarriages were incredibly heartbreaking and left me feeling very depressed, angry, and especially after the second one, doubting whether or not my body could do what it was genetically designed for. So, with this pregnancy I agreed to play it as safe as possible and to listen to my body (sleep when I’m tired, eat when I’m hungry) and avoid any running until we got the approval from our midwife. Even once we got the approval from the midwife I still felt so miserable and tired all the time that it took me until week 13 to finally get outside for a jog.

This morning Sean and I did our first 5k since finding out about baby Murphy! I couldn’t run the entire length so it was more of a walk and trot, but it felt so good to be outside and in running shoes again. I find myself worried about pace and overall time and Sean has to remind me that I’m pregnant and that time doesn’t matter. Even though it took us a whole 42 minutes I felt so proud of myself for just feeling well enough to be able to do the whole 5k. I plan on taking it slow and not pushing myself too hard, but I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine of being physically active for as long as I can for the rest of this pregnancy.

Everyone kept promising me that I would feel better in the second trimester, but it was so hard to believe when I felt so damn awful. If I’m being honest the first trimester made me hate being pregnant. I couldn’t see the joy in it at all and I just felt like I couldn’t recognize myself. Now that I’m feeling better I am starting to feel a lot more like myself again, although with less of a sense of humor and incredible mood swings. I also still can’t stand the sight of chicken or broccoli.  But hey, I’m hormonal as hell and I’ve worked salads back into my diet, what more do you expect?


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