6 months of UK living!

6 months ago I got on a plane with two suitcases to move to a city in England that I couldn’t point to on a map. It’s been such an adventure adjusting to my new home but I’ll admit there have been plenty of nights where I’ve cried myself to sleep because homesickness is real. I miss my dog, I miss being annoyed by my family, I miss telling my friends I don’t want to hang out because I want to go to bed at 9pm, I miss Taco Bell, and I miss the convenience of having access to numerous 24 hour stores that actually stay open 24 hours and not close at 4pm on Sunday (Asda 😡). But even though I sometimes miss home I’m so happy to be here with my husband that will buy me American junk food or order me Folgers coffee online at a ridiculous price to make me feel more at home. I miss you America, but I don’t plan on seeing you anytime soon!! ❤️😽  


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