It’s Pancake Day!

For real, it’s like a thing here. I had to Google and apparently it’s officially called Shrove Tuesday and is the traditional feast day always held on a Tuesday before the start of Lent.

Why pancakes?? Well, originally it was the opportunity to use up the last of your milk and eggs before your lent fast so people made pancakes and now it seems to have become quite a tradition.

So when Sean told me about Pancake Day I got really excited because I LOVE BREAKFAST FOODS!


Now, when I say pancakes and when Sean says pancakes, it gets confusing. Because when he says, ‘let’s make pancakes for dinner on Pancake Day!’, I automatically assume he means a lovely, fluffy stack of pancakes like one might receive in an IHOP that you cover in maple syrup and maybe some fruit,


but if you want pancakes like that you need to be specific and call them “American pancakes”, because otherwise you’re getting this:


Crepes! Crepes are delicious too, but it’s just another example of how two people speaking the same language can have quite the language barrier. I just have to remember that on this side of the pond they’re making the European version of pancakes. Either way, I can’t wait for Sean to get home tonight so we can have our upside down day and cook breakfast for dinner for my first Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day! We are making American style pancakes because neither of us are confident in our crepe making abilities!! Happy Pancake Day everyone!


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