Give me all the sweets!

I love working out and I love eating healthy, but if I’m going to be honest I’d rather be chubby any day than live the rest of my life without desserts.

Since moving to the UK (it was my 5 month anniversary on Sunday!) I have apparently made an unspoken goal of trying to consume every dessert Great Britain has to offer.


Shamefully Proudly I have consumed many a chocolate fudge cake and Belgium chocolate brownie in my short time here and it’s probably at the top of my sweets list. We like to make it even more unhealthy by pouring double cream on it and we don’t skimp on the cream. In this particular occasion we even added some Reese’s peanut butter cups. #noshame


Profiteroles are something I never tried until moving here and OMG they’re so great! They’re little puff pastries filled with cream and topped with chocolate(think, eclairs). Around Christmas time you can buy a whole tray of like 36 profiteroles, you know for parties or when you and your husband just had too many bottles of wine and want a little snack….


Last weekend Sean hit me with a curve ball and introduced me to some major deliciousness. Morrison’s is a local grocery chain here and they make what is probably the best custard and raspberry filled donuts I have ever had in my life. They’re so good, I’m talking sitting in the car park of the store with powdered covered lips making sex noises while you eat them good.


It’s a good thing that I love to run! Since moving here I’ve run close to 300 miles and I’ll admit I’m really just trying to find a balance between being healthy and enjoying life. There’s one thing for certain that Sean and I have in common and that’s a love of food. Whether it’s making healthy dinners together or destroying a cake while watching extreme weight loss shows in stretchy pants trousers, we’re definitely enjoying the experiences!




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