Geordie Shore > Jersey Shore

A lot of people have asked me about British TV shows and I’ll admit I mostly watch reruns of Friends (because it’s on TV all day, everyday) and hoarders because I’m obsessed with seeing how gross other people can be. However, the Brits are pushing out quite a few gems in the realm of television and Geordie Shore is definitely my favourite. I loved watching Jersey Shore, but I looooooooove watching Geordie Shore. It’s Jersey Shore to the extreme. More drinking, more sexing, more fighting, fake tans, big hair, and with accents so thick that they have to use a caption so that other Brits know wtf they’re saying.


They’re so raunchy and I love that all the girls got really fat around season 6 because they all drink too much and then finish off their night with a kebab (which btdubs is the new burrito and America really needs to get on the kebab shop trend). Now they’re all skinny and have obnoxious lip injections, but if we had a dvd player I would definitely buy Charlotte’s workout dvd.





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