Fanksgiving & visits from Merican’s


Waking up this morning and this is exactly how I feel after Thanksgiving and playing host to one of my friends who came to visit me last week, but there was so much food goodness that was totally worth it. My friend Mike travels EVERYWHERE for work and it just so happened that he was in Switzerland working and decided to take a long layover in England on his way home so that he could visit us. Unfortunately Sean is gone for two weeks and so he missed Mike’s visit, but at least it helped to break up my time alone while Sean is gone.
While he was here we went to some local spots and we had brats at the Christmas market in Portsmouth and walked around Portchester Castle.

After eating junk food all day I cooked us a little Thanksgiving feast and I have to say that I did pretty damn well and I’m very proud of myself. We had a 5 bird roast, homemade mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts, roasted carrots, roasted parsnips, and gravy.

Mike is much braver than me so he was able to get off the plane and manage driving on the wrong side of the road with few problems, he only almost killed us twice so I’d say he did pretty damn well considering I’ve been here three months and have only attempted driving twice in a parking lot.  On Friday he drove us an hour and a half up to Surrey so we could tour Hampton Court Palace. This, I was very excited about! Having watched a documentary on Netflix about Hampton Court I felt all knowledgeable about facts pertaining to Hampton Court and was very excited to see the home of Henry VIII.

Most of the knowledge I retained and shared from the documentary were relating to the replica of the fountain in the courtyard that once flowed wine, knowing that Anne Boleyn had her head chopped off, and saying, “kings have walked here” everywhere we walked along the grounds.

Saturday we drove up to London and I successfully got us everywhere we needed to go through the underground or “tewb” as Mike likes to text it. I claim credit for our success with the underground because while Mike has been to London before I need to claim England as my territory and that I am showing him around, plus he kept forgetting his ticket for the tube in the machine when we went through.


We spent the day walking around London with me regretting my choice to wear Doc Marten’s and choosing fashion before comfort, but all was forgotten when we arrived in Camden Town and I found what I will refer to as, Heaven. Food trucks galore!!!! We got pork burritos from a happy man dancing to Spanish music and mine was doused in so much green horseradish sauce that my sinuses will be clear for weeks, I LOVED IT. My only regret is that I am not a cow (although today I feel like the size of one) and am without three stomachs because I wanted to eat everything. I even dripped burrito juice all over my coat and wore it like a badge of honour for the remainder of the weekend. IMG_0771

I was pretty sad to say goodbye to Mike in the airport yesterday because who knows when I’ll see him again, but I’m so thankful that he was able to take a few days to come visit me and that I didn’t have to be alone on Thanksgiving. I miss my family and friends in the states so much and sometimes it’s hard to be so far away, but I’m convincing myself it will get easier over time.

Like a grown ass girl I made the journey home from London all by myself. I took the hour long tube ride from the airport back to the city, got myself on the train to Portsmouth, asked three people if I was on the correct train before we took off and two more about an hour into the trip because I wasn’t certain the first three knew what they were talking about, and then got on the correct bus to take me home once I was off the train. Look at me, all grown up traveling through England on my own! 12249902_1017891331566311_2953238493018090171_n

The end.


4 thoughts on “Fanksgiving & visits from Merican’s

  1. Hi , how are you ? I am Jih , Mike’s internet friend , I saw your blog, very interesting, I am enjoying read to it , and laughing about the different meanings of things in America and here, I am writing one too, but still doing it in portuguese, so my friends in Brazil can understand, I know we don’t know each other but as I could understand we share the same feelings, so far from family and friends, I know that maybe sounds crazy, but I just wanted to say, if you need something that I can help with, if you fancy come to visit Oxford, you are welcome to, I know how hard it is from beginning and I am thankful that I met nice people since I moved to UK, it’s been already 8 years, miss my family so much and especially around christmas time, this year there is no way I can visit them .Sad. Well, sorry for being nosy . x Jih


    1. Thanks for reading! It has been an adjustment moving here, but I am slowly settling in and getting more comfortable with getting around on my own, which is nice because it allows me to feel independent again!If I make it up to Oxford I’ll make sure to get in touch!


  2. I loved reading this, I just spent the week with my husband and his kids in Michigan for Thanksgiving and loved it. I envy you your sprouts and parsnips, nowhere to be seen over there, but I did roast sweet potatoes and make pumpkin pie. Hopefully early next year I’ll be there properly and learning to get around on my own too! I think you are doing brilliantly 🙂

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    1. I thought that parsnips were very difficult to find in America, at least in Virginia where I was from! I love how I can find them everywhere in England because they’re one of my favorite vegetables. I’m glad you were able to spend the holiday in America with your husband and I hope that in your near future you will have the security of knowing that each holiday will be spent together. Long distance is never easy, but doing it on two different continents makes it so much harder. Best of luck to you and I look forward to the day you make a post about moving there permanently.

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