My first UK birthday.

Today is my 33rd birthday!

Not really a milestone year as far as birthdays go, but it’s a big deal to me because it’s my first birthday in the UK.

It is also my first birthday as Sean’s wife.

As well as my first birthday living on a separate continent from my parents.

My new in laws are the sweetest and my Nanna-in-law sent me a package and when I opened it I burst into tears right away. She had a picture of my dog, Pig printed on a pillow. I miss her so much and this gift means so much to me.


Sean got me a pretty little bike and I’m so happy about it because we live about an hours walking distance from any shopping center or the beach. So now I can just hop on my bike and go anywhere, within riding distance.


Sean was suppose to be at sea, but they didn’t sail yesterday so he’s home with me tonight! Sooooooooo, like the old lady that I am, I plan to party hard tonight with a pizza and Harry Potter movie marathon because I can’t imagine a better night than wearing my sweats and being in bed at a reasonable hour.

Since we thought Sean would be at sea today we had to reschedule my birthday plans of going on the Harry Potter Studio tour for next Saturday. I cannot wait!! I’m so glad I’ve been watching the movies this week and I keep thinking, “I’m going to be there soon, I’m going to see that in person!”



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