It’s not Fall, it’s Autumn.

So today in the mail Sean and I both received our race bibs for the Morrison’s Great South 5k!


I’m getting really excited to find out how the Brits do races here. I wonder about so many things:

Will they Play England’s national anthem before the race begins?

Is there beer at the end?

Will the medal also be a beer bottle opener like so many of my other medals?

Do I get a cool race shirt?

Is there beer at the end?

Sean has run with me a few times, but his work schedule has been pretty crappy the last few weeks so he’s been pretty tired when he’s home, but I have no doubt that he will do just fine during the run. I set a goal for myself of 80 miles for the month of October so I’ve been sticking to 5 mile runs unless I’m feeling lazy. I’m at 33.41 miles so far this month.

It’s really starting to feel like Fall Autumn. I am corrected by my lovely husband every time I refer to the season as Fall. Either way, the leaves are changing and the weather feels and smells like Autumn or Fall or whatever you prefer. All the stores are already putting Christmas decorations out and have been stocking up on their selections of mince pies. I’m not sure that I’ve ever had one before so Sean bought us a package and I LOVE THEM.


Yesterday was my second attempt at driving and it went much better than my first time. You would think that with 17 years experience of driving a manual transmission that I could just hop into the driver’s seat and be fine, but spatial awareness is really lacking on my part. There’s so much car to my left and that’s just weird. The first time I drove Sean thought I was going to drive us right into a coffee shop. Oops. I also have a hard time adjusting to the gear shift being to my left and automatically go searching for it with my right hand, but I think with a few more practice runs in an empty parking lot I might have the confidence to drive us home from the grocery one night. Maybe.

That’s all I have for now except to say, go see The Martian. It’s awesome.


One thought on “It’s not Fall, it’s Autumn.

  1. I could not imagine having to drive a manual transmission “backwards”. Good on you, and good on Sean for helping you learn! I bet it’s scary!

    I just finished reading The Martian, so now we are allowed to go see it 🙂 I’ve heard tons of good things about the movie.
    PS. Do you think one of those minced pie goodies might find it’s way to Florida?
    Love and miss you!!

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