30 days!

Today is my 30th day living in the UK!!!

In 30 days, I have eaten more chips (french fries) with gravy than I have ever eaten in my life.


(btdubs, mushy peas are AMAZING!)

In 30 days I have learned to make a cup of tea that Sean approves of.

In 30 days I have accepted that having two faucets on one sink means I will never, ever have warm water to wash my face or rinse my mouth when I brush my teeth again.


(seriously, WHY separate FAUCETS?????)

In 30 days I have visited three castles and discovered that I am actually pretty afraid of walking around in a thousand year old structure. Did everyone have tiny feet back then? How did they manage the tower stairs?!


(Portchester Castle, built between 285-290AD)

In 30 days I have run 56.2 miles! With two days left in the month I figure I will get in another 8-9 miles. To celebrate my first 30 days down, this morning I registered both Sean and myself to run the Morrison’s Great South 5k. There is a Great South 10 miler that I would have loved to run, but I wanted Sean and I to run a race together and since he is just starting to get back into running again (he ran with me twice over the weekend for a total of 3.3 miles!) I think the 5k would be a good way to ease him into it. I’m so excited for us to run this together! Not only is it the first race we have registered together for, but it is a first for both of us to run a race in the UK. I’m already hoping that next year we can both sign up to run the 5k on Saturday followed by the 10 miler on Sunday!


4 thoughts on “30 days!

  1. Yay!! I’m so happy you started this! I miss you like crazy, but I’m so happy to see you settling in and enjoying it there! Good luck on your 5k. Can’t wait to see pictures! đŸ™‚

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    1. It would be so nice to not have freezing or scalding hot water to splash my face with in the mornings! I’ve started using a cup to collect cold and hot water because I don’t like the idea of filling the sink.

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