First post!

It’s been just over 3 weeks since I moved to the UK and I’m starting to settle in nicely. The first few days I was here we spent running around trying to buy things for our flat, which is really fun and exhausting at the same time. It’s coming together slowly and we can’t wait for the couch we ordered to be delivered so we don’t have to sit on the crappy rental couches we have now. We had to drive to Wales to pick up my residence card and visit Sean’s family and on the way there we made a stop at Stonehenge!


My husband kept saying that Stonehenge was something you just drive past and I thought he was crazy for demeaning an ancient site with so little regard, but now I’ve driven past it twice and really, after you’ve stopped to see it once, it’s just a thing you drive past.

While we were in Wales I was lucky enough see a couple of castles, one of them being Caernarfon Castle. It’s so cool to walk in a city and see the giant stone walls of a castle! It’s even cooler to walk around inside a castle, although I’m still not understanding how people lived in it. There are few rooms and most of them are tiny, where did they sleep??


This past weekend we were lucky enough to get tickets to a Rugby World Cup game through Tickets for Troops to see Wales v. Uruguay! This was my husband’s first World Cup game and since he’s Welsh, he was through the roof excited and I have to admit, even though I’m not a fan of watching sports, I’m thinking I’m going to be a fan of rugby. American football players don’t have shit on rugby players (oh, stone me for saying it, but I’m right). Despite me accidentally knocking over a full beer, I had a great time and I even yelled and cheered for Wales while they kicked Uruguay’s butt!


Since I’ve been in the UK I’ve been running around my neighborhood to try to get to know it better. My husband even jokes that I know my way around better than he does now (not true, I just know how to run in large circles). I knew before moving that the month of September was going to be a low mileage month with the travel back and forth to Wales, but I have been getting out and running when we’re home. I haven’t been running as regularly as I would prefer, but I have accomplished 39.9 miles so far this month. The weather lately has been perfect for running! Back home in Virginia Beach I was running in 90 degree heat with crazy humidity, but where we are in England it’s in the low 60’s and is either raining or looks like it’s going to rain. My longest run so far has been a 6 mile run towards Lee on Solent Beach. I love that there’s a beach close by. It may not be as warm and it has rocks instead of sand, but it makes me feel like I’m home. There’s 8 days left in the month so I’m looking forward to seeing how many more miles I can log for September!



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